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Adventures in Finnish Supermarkets, Yksi

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Sep. 9th, 2012 | 09:37 am
music: Wiener Blut - Rammstein

One of the things Americans will find rather odd in Finland is, you can find assembled, chilled cheeseburgers in plastic packaging in the "sausages and other heat-and-eat" foods section of the supermarkets here.

I am asked by one hot-blooded Texan gentleman of their edibility, and I am afraid to report that I dare not try them. Peeking beneath their translucent plastic shroud, they mewl piteously at me like unfinished homunculi, spawn of the formless seed of unholy cosmic bovines strewn over blameless fields of stubble in the nameless hours between very late and very early, where they crawl from the violated earth like grubs and are herded, dumbly, to their eventual destination in cryogenic suspension, by sackcloth-clad penitents of an unspeakable cult.

But a lot of Finnish students assure me they're horrible but good enough, like the dire sausage that's so breadcrumb-filled it counts technically as a pastry is still good enough for sausage. ie, like the Finnish pot noodle, I guess.

Maybe I'll make laudre try them during the end-of-year visit.

- Mel

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Hyacinth Girl

(no subject)

from: eustacia_vye28
date: Sep. 10th, 2012 02:47 am (UTC)

Random comment: the description of the hamburger of doom reminds me SO MUCH of the Atrocity Archives.

I'd bypass that, too. There's Finnish foods to eat! :)

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